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The 9 Most Common Sky Q Box Issues Resolved

Troubleshooting Tips for Sky Q Digibox Users

Sky Q has changed the way people experience TV entertainment with capabilities such as merging live TV with content you can catch up on, plus streaming video apps as well as wireless music to enjoy and much more. The best feature is that all this content is available and accessible across a variety of devices whenever and wherever you wish to access them and soem suppliers are now enabling you to enjoy Sky Q content overseas. The Sky Q digibox is a remarkable piece of engineering that makes TV much more enjoyable but it also has a few flaws and problems associated with it that we will address within this specialised and featured report.

We’ve addressed quite a few issues people have commonly reported with the Sky Q box and we have outlined solutions to these issues below. Take your time to read through this article so you can maximise your enjoyment of this device.

Sound without any video displaying

When you switch your device on from standby, do you hear sound but have no video picture on the screen? It could be associated with your HDMI setup and how you have your Sky Q connected to your TV’s audio system. To fix this issue we suggest you take a look at your HDMI output and optical outputs and make sure they are set to the same setting.

Problems with the Sky Q remote control

If you are having problems with your Bluetooth remote such as crashing or the buttons not working, you may have to re-pair your remote control with the Sky Q box. To do this you hold the ‘1’ and ‘3’ buttons together for two to three seconds to resolve the issue.

Many Sky Q owners complain the front panel blue Q icon is far too bright & distracting. Image credit: Amazon

Switch off the front panels bright blue Q icon

Some people who use the Sky Q box have concerns with the brightness of the blue Q icon on the front panel. Many people have asked how they can shut it off permanently as they find it distracting and annoying. Unfortunately, there is no permanent way to turn off the light but there is a temporary solution. Simply swipe right on the circle keypad and then select the back button. The blue light will shut down temporarily and when it turns back on you just have to use this method to turn it off again.

Alternatively, you could always place a small piece of black electrical tape over the light to block it completely!

Search for for future shows due to air in a few days

If you want to know how to find out what will be playing on TV in a couple of days from now, all you have to do is use the FF and RW buttons to go forward or backward in time to see what is playing.

The Sky Q Mini Box is much more compact but does have its flaws. Image credit: Sky

Mini preview images not loading on the Sky Q mini box

Some people have told us that content images do not show up on their Sky Q Mini box. They have reported that turning the mini device on and off again does not work or provide a solution to this problem. To restore the images, we suggest you unplug the main silver box from the wall hookup and plug it back in to restore the images.

The Sky Q Mini Box does not update

If you are having issues with your Sky Q Mini Box telling you new software is being installed with no resolution, here is what to do:

  1. Go to “Settings”, “Status”, and be sure that connection to Sky Q Box is ticked.
  2. Go to “Settings”, then “System Info”, and highlight the version of the software you are using
  3. Select “Setup” and choose “Download Software”.
  4. Your Sky Q Box will begin downloading the software which can take up to 10 minutes.
  5. Select “Settings”, “System Info” and highlight the software version to check on the download status. When “Software Update Successful” appears on the screen, click the standby button on your remote control.
  6. Your Sky Q Box will restart and you will view the start up message.
  7. When you turn the box on, click the “Home” button and you will have the current software installed on the device.

Where is the stop button?

There is no actual stop button on the remote control but when you use the back key which is the bottom left key of the circular keypad you will be able to stop the content and have content you are finished with ready for deletion.

Does your box turn itself on at nighttime?

The simplest method to cancel the connection and content display issues that turn on the box in the middle of the night is to deactivate the Eco Mode on the device.

How to fast forward and rewind

You can fast forward or rewind the Sky Q box by using the “FF” and “RW” keys on the remote control. It will give you the options of being able to go forward or backward through the content at 2x or 30x speed. By using the circular keypad you can hold it forward or backward to scan to the section you want and releasing your finger will start playing the content as requested.

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