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How to Select a Suitable Family Law Solicitor

Find the Right Divorce Lawyer First Time

If you are in the middle of a relationship that is falling apart, the most apparent thing in your mind must be your emotions. Even during the upsetting time of relationship breakdowns you need to make decisions that affect financial settlements, childcare and even just the ongoing relationship of two people as parents. If you are merely going through a temporary period of separation, or something more complex such as a divorce or dissolution, or even a breakdown of cohabitation, the correct legal advice and pragmatic information as to what your legal rights and responsibilities consist of is absolutely integral to know and take advantage of.

A lot of people do not know where to go when it comes to getting the correct amount of advice from the right sources. Many people will automatically turn to the internet and search for answers. The next option is typically by getting advice from relatives and friends. The media newspaper court cases and online trials cause fear and confusion and make some people completely avoid taking the end of their relationship through the legal route for the utmost best results possible. Like we just stated the best route you can take when getting advice is by talking to an experienced family law attorney about the unique circumstances that are involved with your particular case and all that it entails.

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Below we have listed some things to look into when it comes to finding a family law attorney to help you during a time of relationship breakdown. Use these tips below to find the best possible lawyer in your area:

The First Consultation

Find out their track record of wins and losses and what they have done in terms of compensation for their clients. Be sure to interview your prospective lawyers well so you have the best chances of being represented in court. Secondly, find out if your lawyer will meet you outside of his or her office space or after business hours. Thirdly, find out if there are any fees incurred during your first visit and consultation with a lawyer.

Past Cases

You want to find a lawyer that has years upon years of experience with dealing with cases that are similar to yours. During your first appointment if you are interviewed by a junior member of staff ask instead to speak directly to an attorney. Junior members of staff can sometimes make mistakes that can ultimately make an impact on the effectiveness of representing your case.


If your solicitor is away from the office, it is best if they have a team of lawyers that work with them that can help you. You will want a team of solicitors available to you if necessary that have the same high qualifications in family law that your lawyer has. If your lawyer is gone for a week and you have questions, it is best if one of his or her colleagues can assist you with your case.

Find out if the lawyer you are considering is accredited in family law through any independent law bodies in your area. You can find out his or her track record and statements from previous clients. You can find out if you are hiring a good lawyer or not.

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Communicating with your Lawyer

Your lawyer should be accessible to you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. You may need questions answered or someone to talk to. Find a lawyer that allows after-hours consulting as part of their services.

Court Costs

The fee and costs associated with representing you in a trial situation must be agreed upon between you and your local family law solicitor. You will pay for the expertise and time of your lawyer as well as the fees associated with representing you in court. Be sure that you and the attorney sign a contract and agree on a final fee for all expenses and representation before the case begins.


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