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How To Design The Perfect Office Layout

Top Office Design Tips to Guarantee Success

Within this specialised article we will discuss what we feel are the top three priorities when it comes to office design. Planning out your workspaces that boosts the productivity of your employees and improves your business overall is the ideal. With the average employee spending around 36 hours working a week at work, that makes for a lot of hours that your employees will be spending in the office year after year. To get the best productivity from your employees while they are working we will discuss the three best methods for a comfortable and productive working environment below.

Bringing Nature into the Office Will Successfully Improve Mood & Efficiency. Image credit: Inhabitat

The very first key feature you will want from your office is having a productive environment that is not stagnant or stale. So when you are aiming to create a productive office layout we suggest you use the following ideas. To begin with, we suggest you incorporate nature into the environment of your office design. Include such things as flowers and plants and have them all over the work environment to promote comfort. Another thing you can do is take advantage of natural light. If you are in an office with large windows, keep them open and visible and don’t place any closed in offices around the windows because they would take away from the ability to naturally light more of the working space.

We also suggest that you keep your employees away from sources of distraction such as water coolers, fridges and microwaves. They cause noise pollution and you want to keep your employees away from these distraction causing areas as much as you can. A great way to improve performance is to allow for your employees to have their own privacy. You can employ non-traditional workstations in your office area that still allow for natural light to be utilised through the working space. As an idea, you can use panel designs that allow for privacy that harnesses glass panel partitions to allow for personal space between employees and their work areas.

Mobile Phones are the single biggest distraction in office environments. Image credit: Cision

Another major priority for the best office interior design should be efficiency. We suggest you keep your employees who work together situated in the same area. Also keep your office supplies and things such as printers and fax machines located near the department and employees who will use them the most. This cuts down on travel time and you want your workspace to promote efficiency and productivity.

Some extra things we suggest are giving your employees things to look at and appreciate. This can mean things such as big windows being open and highly visible that have a view. You can also put artwork on the walls. Putting art up in the office has improved productivity up to 15% in certain tests. It will reduce the amount of time your employees spend fraternising and wasting time and resources.

Our last suggestion is to create a collaboration area that is both friendly and comfortable. Include such things as comfortable couches, natural elements like plants and flowers and hang artwork on the walls. Use this area for a place for employees to relax and to get work done away from their office. You can use this area for brainstorming sessions or just a place to create new ideas.

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