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Choosing Between Solid Wood & MDF Kitchen Cabinets

Knowing Which Cabinetry Material is Superior

Are you in the early stages of redesigning your kitchen and do you plan on changing your kitchen cabinetry? Within this article we will share with you information about the two common available options for kitchen cabinet materials. You will have the options of either choosing a solid wood kitchen cabinet or you may wish to go with medium density fibreboard which also goes by the name of MDF. MDF is a man made material that is created from resins and recycled wood fibre that has been thermally compressed into solid board panels.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets many people believe that wood cabinets are durable and strong and incredibly beautiful. They add a sense of style and prestige to your kitchen. Many people choose a particular style of wood exclusively for their cabinetry rather than using the man-made material. However wood does have a few flaws which we will point out below.

MDF comes in various thickness. Image credit: Prime Panels

When it comes to a kitchen’s temperatures and humidity changing, it can cause wooden kitchen cabinets to both contract and expand in reaction to the temperature changes. This can cause your wooden cabinets to end up cracking and buckling. If you decide to use wood cabinets you will want to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity of your kitchen. Secondly, you will also want to keep your wooden cabinets away from areas that have higher humidity. Because of the expanding and contracting issues with solid wood, you will need to provide them with quality care and maintenance to maintain their lives so you don’t have to replace them right away.

Now we would like to discuss the benefits and features of using MDF. To begin with it performs a lot better than wood when it comes to different temperatures and environments. Another feature of MDF is that it holds and maintains a consistent colour when it is painted, unlike wood. Wood can end up looking grainy and some woods look bad when they are painted.

Another aspect of custom made MDF cabinets are that they are constructed with very little complications unlike wood. When building the frame for solid wood cabinets it requires four pieces of the frame being connected with a centre panel that is smaller than the frame to float to allow for expansion and contraction.

Cheaper MDF Cabinets Will Start to Delaminate. Image credit: Crepe Lovers

MDF is built from computer operated technical machinery that mills one-piece frames with the centre cut out. MDF is dense and does not move independently from the frame, unlike wood. Another benefit of using this material is that it is available in larger sizes and you don’t have to worry about shortages in finding the material. A thing homeowners appreciate about MDF is the fact that it is less expensive than wood and it does not require a lot of maintenance. You will not have to worry about heat or humidity affecting MDF cabinetry whatsoever, unlike wood.

We hope we have shared with you the different features and benefits of using either MDF or wood for your kitchen cabinets. We suggest that you continue to browse our website and find out more information to make your kitchen improvements the absolute best that they can be.

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