Choosing Between Solid Wood & MDF Kitchen Cabinets

Knowing Which Cabinetry Material is Superior

Are you in the early stages of redesigning your kitchen and do you plan on changing your kitchen cabinetry? Within this article we will share with you information about the two common available options for kitchen cabinet materials. You will have the options of either choosing a solid wood kitchen cabinet or you may wish to go with medium density fibreboard which also goes by the name of MDF. MDF is a man made material that is created from resins and recycled wood fibre that has been thermally compressed into solid board panels.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets many people believe that wood cabinets are durable and strong and incredibly beautiful. They add a sense of style and prestige to your kitchen. Many people choose a particular style of wood exclusively for their cabinetry rather than using the man-made material. However wood does have a few flaws which we will point out below.

MDF comes in various thickness. Image credit: Prime Panels

When it comes to a kitchen’s temperatures and humidity changing, it can cause wooden kitchen cabinets to both contract and expand in reaction to the temperature changes. This can cause your wooden cabinets to end up cracking and buckling. If you decide to use wood cabinets you will want to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity of your kitchen. Secondly, you will also want to keep your wooden cabinets away from areas that have higher humidity. Because of the expanding and contracting issues with solid wood, you will need to provide them with quality care and maintenance to maintain their lives so you don’t have to replace them right away.

Now we would like to discuss the benefits and features of using MDF. To begin with it performs a lot better than wood when it comes to different temperatures and environments. Another feature of MDF is that it holds and maintains a consistent colour when it is painted, unlike wood. Wood can end up looking grainy and some woods look bad when they are painted.

Another aspect of custom made MDF cabinets are that they are constructed with very little complications unlike wood. When building the frame for solid wood cabinets it requires four pieces of the frame being connected with a centre panel that is smaller than the frame to float to allow for expansion and contraction.

Cheaper MDF Cabinets Will Start to Delaminate. Image credit: Crepe Lovers

MDF is built from computer operated technical machinery that mills one-piece frames with the centre cut out. MDF is dense and does not move independently from the frame, unlike wood. Another benefit of using this material is that it is available in larger sizes and you don’t have to worry about shortages in finding the material. A thing homeowners appreciate about MDF is the fact that it is less expensive than wood and it does not require a lot of maintenance. You will not have to worry about heat or humidity affecting MDF cabinetry whatsoever, unlike wood.

We hope we have shared with you the different features and benefits of using either MDF or wood for your kitchen cabinets. We suggest that you continue to browse our website and find out more information to make your kitchen improvements the absolute best that they can be.

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How to Achieve A Kitchen Makeover While on a Budget

Get the New Kitchen You Want For Less

Your kitchen is the centrepiece of your home and the crown jewel when it comes to all the living areas. The kitchen is often one of the most used rooms in the entire home because it is used to prepare, cook, and bake delicious foods as well as entertain family members and guests. It is often common for people to congregate into the kitchen area which makes it a very important room of your home.

Within this article, we will share with you budget friendly methods to renovate and upgrade your entire kitchen. You won’t need to ask your bank for a loan or need a huge capital to make these renovation ideas a reality in your own home. Most of the ideas in this article can be done by yourself. This means you won’t have to spend huge amounts of money on contractors or experts that would easily crumble anyone’s budget. We suggest that you use these kitchen makeover strategies to make the most of your home’s kitchen. When you upgrade your kitchen not only do you increase comfort and usability, but you also increase the value and beauty of the value of your home. Read about the ideas and strategies below for hands on methods to improve your kitchen while on a budget!

Choosing the Right Colour for Your Kitchen is a Difficult Choice. Image credit: Good Housekeeping

Decide on Colour

Our very first suggestion we have to offer you when it comes to reinventing your kitchen is choosing a colour scheme that looks good and will fit your kitchen. This includes buying the right colours of paint and different accessories that will both enhance and match the over all colour scheme of your kitchen. When you have a brand new colour scheme with accessories that compliment the colour scheme you will add beauty, comfort, and relaxation to this room. We suggest you browse through some of the popular home makeover magazines and websites to find the best colour scheme that will work for you and your kitchen. Be sure to take your time and do not rush into any specific colours without first thinking it over a few days. The colour scheme will represent your kitchen and this room is one of the most widely used. Make sure you use beautiful colours that enhance your kitchen and bring comfort.

Get to Work Painting!

After you have chosen the colour scheme of your kitchen layout you can start the painting process by changing the colour of both your walls and ceiling. When you paint the walls and ceilings of your kitchen you will immediately update your cooking areas appearance instantly. It is common for paint on both kitchen walls and ceilings to fade because of cooking smoke, heat damage, and grease. Before you decide on painting your kitchen walls and ceilings, you will want to find the correct colours and types of paint that are specifically designed for kitchen use. Adding new colours to your walls and ceilings will instantly improve your cooking area and choosing colours that are comforting and relaxing are essential. With fresh paint you will add a new life, look, and feel to your kitchen that you and guests will approve of.

Upgrade the Doors & Drawers

Another method to add both value and a new distinct look to the room while on a budget is by changing the kitchen cabinet doors, as well as the knobs and pulleys and of course, by painting them. If you have old worn out kitchen cabinets with old hinges that don’t hold properly you will want to replace those. You don’t actually have to buy new cabinets. Another thing we mentioned was changing the knobs and handles to your cabinets. Choose knobs and handles that accent and highlight the colour scheme and over all look of your cabinets. Painting them a colour that fits your scheme is our last suggestion. Buying and installing new cabinets requires hiring contractors so if you want to improve the look of your cabinets on a budget follow those ideas.

Add Some Personal Touches

One thing we recommend that will help your kitchen makeover is by accenting the colour scheme by adding new and unique accessories. The different accessories can include different elements and things such as old jugs or bottles, candles, plants, bowls, baskets, figurines or even lamps. Just be sure that the things you choose to adorn your counter tops accent the style of your kitchen add to the comfort and unique style you are going for. However, do not let your counters get over whelmed with accessories. Keep them to a minimum as to offer an enhancing accent instead of too much clutter.

Upgraded Appliances

A low budget option for upgrading the look and feel of your kitchen includes updating your appliances. If you cannot update your appliances you can always try hiding them within cupboards and shelving units to provide a less cluttered look. Do your appliances need to be visible to both you and guests? If you the answer is no then, by all means, hide them so they don’t create the appearance of clutter. If you can afford it we recommend that you upgrade your appliances so they match the new colour scheme of your kitchen and add to the over all appearance and experience of cooking in your kitchen.

Some Kitchen LED Lighting Can Make the Room Look Amazing. Image credit: Houzz

All Essential Lighting

If you have problems with lighting because you have an older kitchen with big bulky cabinets there is a way to improve this problem. All you have to do to brighten things up is installing rope lighting under neath the cabinets. The best part is, is that they are not permanent and can be used anywhere and removed easily. If you wish to change your wall tiles or counter tops, a suggestion we recommend for those on a budget is to paint the tiles a different colour and have your counter-tops veneered as a much more price effective option. Our last suggestion for upgrading your kitchen on a budget is by replacing old water faucets and taps. Also, you can always change your flooring with click-flooring instead of getting whole new floors. Lastly, install an island for more work room for cooking and baking.


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