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How Internal & External Links Help Your Blog Strategy

An online presence is essential for any small business trying to compete in the modern digital marketplace.

Most consumers use the Internet to research a business before using them.

Having an appealing and informative website is one of the best ways to provide consumers with the motivation they need to use your business.

Once you have established a website, creating a blog is a good idea.

Modern consumers are hungry for information, which is why providing them with industry-specific blogs is important.

While a well-written blog will help you increase traffic, you need to optimize this content with both internal and external links.

Looking at link building strategies & examples online is a great way to figure out how to use this tool for your benefit.

The following are just some of the ways internal and external links can help your blog strategy.

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Why Good Internal Linking is a Must For Your Blog

Did you know that high-quality content and link building are the main two factors Google considers when ranking your website?

This is why adopting a sound and successful internal linking strategy is so important.

As time goes by, you will build an online library of content on your website.

Rather than letting this content sit unused, you need to work on incorporating into your newest blogs.

This is easy when using internal links.

Improve Usability With Internal Linking

When used correctly, internal links will provide users with a way to easily navigate their way through your website.

The key to making external links relevant and useful is choosing the right anchor text to embed them in.

The words you embed these links in should be relevant to the blog you are redirecting the user to.

For instance, if your blog is covering tips on attracting online consumers, you should link to a previous blog on how to build a functional and appealing website.

The more information you can provide the reader with, the easier it will be for you to keep them coming back for more.

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The Advantages of Using External Links in Your Blog

Now that you know a bit more about internal linking and the benefits of this practice, we can move on to external links.

The main goal you should have when developing blog content is providing the reader with as much information as possible.

External Links Make Your Content More Relevant

The algorithms used by search engines like Google are designed to draw assumptions about the sites they crawl.

These algorithms can tell a lot about your website just by the external links you have in place.

These links should provide information about what industry you operate in, the various problems your company is trying to solve and who your competitors are.

Before choosing an external link, you need to make sure the site in question is reputable.

Linking to spam-filled websites can actually hurt your search engine ranking.

A Great Way to Encourage Backlinks

Are you trying to establish a network of journalists, bloggers and other entrepreneurs?

If so, external linking is a great way to accomplish this goal.

By endorsing another website with external links, you may be able to get reciprocal backlinks from them.

Each time you link to another website, it gives them a bit of a boost in search engine result pages.

The more external links you give out, the higher the chance will become of your site receiving links as well.

Working with SEO Professionals is a Must

While most business owners understand the need for more internal and external links, many of them have a hard time developing a linking strategy.

This is why working with SEO professionals is such a good idea.

With their help, you can get the guidance needed to implement a linking strategy.

5 Questions To Ask An Exhibition Stand Builder Before You Hire Them

As you already know the marketing impact and engagement you can encourage through trade shows is quite extensive and is a proven advertising strategy. It has been calculated that over 80% of trade show attendees have purchasing power and having the best-built exhibition stand that is expertly designed is crucial to the success of your exhibit. If you have an exhibit that does not perform well you will be left with a large invoice and inferior booth. When you have a good booth you can create partnerships that will help you with gaining greater exposure. In the following article are listed 5 key questions you should be asking any exhibition stand and display builders before you decide who you are going to use to create your booth or stand. Be sure to use this list of questions to find a reputable company that can cater to your needs and offers you a quality booth or stands.

Why should I choose your company to build my exhibition stand or booth?

This is the first and probably one of the most important questions that may be on your mind. However, many different providers will offer you different answers. You will find out who gives you confidence and will have a list of points for or against a provider after you have interviewed them. You will have to determine if a designer or builder is able to do the job based on their previous experience, customer recommendations and pictures and reviews of booths and stands they have already produced. Being able to determine the value of an exhibition booth provider should be strongly based on the results of their past work and their portfolio. When a company has a lot of experience and they are good at what they do you will be able to tell. When a company is trying to bluff or mislead you and present you with the unreliable information you will be able to notice that they are not a worthy company to employ.

What kind of guarantees do you have for quality?

Choosing a company to build an exhibition stand or booth can be a costly investment and you will need to know whether or not you can expect to receive value for the money you put into it. Great booth design companies will always stand behind the quality of their workmanship so be sure you get an exhibition stand builders to tell you exactly what they will do if you are not pleased with the end result of their work. Ask about any guarantees they have or what they will do if you are unsatisfied with what they put together for your organization or company.

What kind of building does your company do?

You will want to ask this question to find out the total capability of the company you are choosing to build your exhibition booth or stand. Every company has different methods on how they put together the building work. You will want to find out if they are a basic assembler or if they are capable of building more unique and complex booths. You will also want to ask them if they are capable of handling the complexity of your design. You will also want to know if the builder company you choose will simply outsource all of the work or if they can do it in-house for you. Knowing these details are fundamental and should be considered when finding the best company that will take care of your needs.

How accurate is the fit and finish of your exhibits?

Having a major lapse in quality between a well-built booth and a bad booth can make a huge strain on your organization and the impact of your booth at a trade show. Some displays can be pieces of artwork with extreme beauty and precise lines and functionality. Other booths can end up being finished looking broken and missing key pieces that only end up creating a damaging effect on the company and brand the booth was designed to make an impact and statement for.

Is the building done in-house or is it outsourced?

Knowing how your booth is being built and by whom is incredibly important. When you choose an exhibition stand contractor that does its work in-house you will have more control over the different parts being built and it could even be more cost-effective. Choosing an outsourced company may raise costs and decrease the flexibility you have in the building.

Exhibition booths are an excellent investment and asking these questions to a booth builder are essential for finding a great company.

How to Easily File Your UK Tax Return

Overcoming HMRC’s Self-Assessment System

As the tax deadline approaches many citizens of the United Kingdom want to know how to file your UK tax return correctly the first time without mistakes. Within this specialised report, we will share with you the details on how to successfully fill out your tax return and the applicable complexities. The deadline to file your tax return is on January 31st and having it done on time and properly are of the highest importance. As an example, if you were to file late did you know that you could be penalised £100 at the very least? It is important to do the self-assessment unless if you are a person with straightforward tax details or if you pay your taxes directly through the PAYE program. If you have more detailed financial records then you will have to fill out the self-assessment in one of two ways. You can file your tax return online at the official HMRC website or you can do it via paperwork. We will discuss what you need to know and the requirements that may affect you when you continue reading below.

If you wish to file your tax self-assessment return online then you can use the official HMRC website and use their tool. It also provides plenty of detailed information that includes the rules, reasons for penalties, information about deadlines and more. To use the self-assessment tool you will first need to be signed up for a Government Gateway Account. If you already have this account then you can use this HMRC service website. However, if you do not yet have one you will need to enrol in a Government Gateway Account at the HMRC service website. You will then receive your Unique Taxpayer Reference ID through postal mail typically within ten business days along with a service activation number. Once you receive this paperwork you will only have 28 days to register online before the numbers deactivate. If you don’t register on the self-assessment tool website within those 28 days then you will be required to request another Unique Taxpayer Reference Number once again. When you have signed up you will find the HMRC self-assessment tool to be helpful. You will need all your financial records of income earned and expenditures throughout the previous year. You will also need your P60 as well as P11D forms. Also, you will need to declare income earned through any rental property, income earned from investments or bank accounts, money earned through self-employment also. All you have to do is claim your overall financial records on the online HMRC self-assessment service website and you are done once you hit submit.

An accountant can help prepare your tax returns correctly and take the strain. Image credit: Blum Shapiro

We advise that you keep hold of all financial records that you have even after you have submitted your tax return. The HMRC may need to look at them later on if there are any errors or mistakes. You may also need to request special forms for filing your taxes including things such as whether if you worked offshore or own a business as just a few of the examples.

Sometimes it is easier to enlist the help of a processional to prepare and file your accounts for you. many offshore workers tend to ask seafarers tax accountants for help as the rules and regulations are complex. This can take the stress out of the process.

Knowing how to file your UK tax return correctly on paper is pretty straightforward and should not be put off until the last minute. If you have already filed your previous year’s tax return via postal mail then expect the HMRC to send you the tax paperwork through postal mail. If you have not but wish to file through paperwork, you can visit the official HMRC website and download the tax forms and any additional documents that may be needed. You can visit their website and download the paperwork as well as sign up for the self-assessment tool. You can visit their website at https://www.gov.uk/self-assessment-forms-and-helpsheets. If you have filed your previous tax return online then you can expect to receive an email from the HRMC telling you it is time to file your return. If you have any questions that remain unanswered after reviewing the HMRC website you can use their free telephone helpline. The support staff are friendly and helpful but expect to wait up to five minutes to connect with a live operator. You can contact them by calling: 0300-200-3310.

A typical self-assessment statement letter. Image credit: Alamy

It is imperative to file your tax return by January 31 of this year or you will face an automatic £100 fine. If you continue to be late you will be served a monthly £10 fee for every month you are behind in getting it done. Filing your tax return is important so visit the HMRC website to get started.

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How to Build a Successful Garden Office Building

Top Tips for the Perfect Home Office

When the time comes to build a garden office building you will need to choose from many different options and features. Within this article, we will share with you the things you need to ask yourself and look into before you choose a particular style or design. We will help you to make the best possible decision for the most practical and comfortable building possible. To begin with, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Will you be using your office frequently? If you are going to be using your office year round you will need a well-insulated garden building.

2. Do you need space for computer and office equipment or do you just need space for a phone and computer tablet? The usage of your garden office will determine the size and available space you will need.

3. Do you need storage space, will you be sharing the office with another person and how big is your garden are the last three questions you need to ask yourself before you plan on designing or building your garden office.

Next, there are three available options for a garden office. The first option is to design and manufacture a pod to a certain size. Secondly, you can always go with modular built buildings that you may be able to customise. Lastly, you can design a garden office of any style or format with an architect. Building a garden office on your own terms is the cheapest of options while hiring an architect proves to be more costly but gives you the options of design, materials, and style.

Typical Celotex Floor Insulation in a Timber Building. Image credit: Cabin Living

There is much more to a garden office beyond a roof, floor, and four walls. You will need plenty of insulation and must make your office as comfortable as possible. We have included information on how wood garden offices are built below. You will need to know about the options available for materials before you begin building.

The first thing you will have to look into is either building with a wood frame or SIPs. Both methods are used for house building and are standard options. Cheaper offices can be built using quality wood cabins or a well-built shed.

Picking a roof will require that you put durability, appearance and your budget into consideration. You can use bitumen tiles for roofing to save some money. A more expensive option is using cedar or slate tiles. A rare option is putting a garden on your rooftop but this requires a lot of maintenance such as weeding and watering and it does not provide the best of insulation.

Speaking of insulation you will need to use proper insulating materials for your garden office. An insulated building requires less heat and removes the possibility of your building suffering from condensation caused by moisture.

Decorative Bitumen Tiles on a Timber Building. Image credit: Timber Yard

Windows and doors will need to be installed properly to do their job. Large windows will naturally reduce the effectiveness of the insulation even if they are double glazed. You should also include high-quality locks on your windows and doors that comply with your insurance policy, like those used for your home.

For the exterior of your building, cedar and Douglas fir woods are popular for wooden garden offices. You want to use wood that will remain resilient throughout time and will not need a lot of treatment or maintenance. For the internal finish of your building, plastered walls are the top choice as it is fire resistant. There are also other options that are less expensive such as vinyl boarding.

Another feature of your garden office will be the electrical system. You will want to decide in advance how many electrical outlets you need, how many light fittings are required, and whether you have the options of where sockets and lights are positioned. You will want to accurately include these features into the design of your garden office.

There are also other things you may want to look into when choosing the design of garden office buildings. You might want to include roof windows for added natural light and ventilation. Next, you can include plumbing for a toilet, sink, and shower. You may choose to also include a storage area to help organise your accessories. Another thing that is becoming more common with garden offices is including a cost-effective wood burning stove to heat the building.

Don’t compromise the quality of your garden office. Instead choose a smaller size so you don’t have to waste money on maintenance, keeping the building heated or air-conditioned. You don’t want to waste your time or money on a cheaply built office. Put serious time, consideration and build it to the best of your ability to optimise your usage of the building and to maximise the productivity of this space.

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How To Design The Perfect Office Layout

Top Office Design Tips to Guarantee Success

Within this specialised article we will discuss what we feel are the top three priorities when it comes to office design. Planning out your workspaces that boosts the productivity of your employees and improves your business overall is the ideal. With the average employee spending around 36 hours working a week at work, that makes for a lot of hours that your employees will be spending in the office year after year. To get the best productivity from your employees while they are working we will discuss the three best methods for a comfortable and productive working environment below.

Bringing Nature into the Office Will Successfully Improve Mood & Efficiency. Image credit: Inhabitat

The very first key feature you will want from your office is having a productive environment that is not stagnant or stale. So when you are aiming to create a productive office layout we suggest you use the following ideas. To begin with, we suggest you incorporate nature into the environment of your office design. Include such things as flowers and plants and have them all over the work environment to promote comfort. Another thing you can do is take advantage of natural light. If you are in an office with large windows, keep them open and visible and don’t place any closed in offices around the windows because they would take away from the ability to naturally light more of the working space.

We also suggest that you keep your employees away from sources of distraction such as water coolers, fridges and microwaves. They cause noise pollution and you want to keep your employees away from these distraction causing areas as much as you can. A great way to improve performance is to allow for your employees to have their own privacy. You can employ non-traditional workstations in your office area that still allow for natural light to be utilised through the working space. As an idea, you can use panel designs that allow for privacy that harnesses glass panel partitions to allow for personal space between employees and their work areas.

Mobile Phones are the single biggest distraction in office environments. Image credit: Cision

Another major priority for the best office interior design should be efficiency. We suggest you keep your employees who work together situated in the same area. Also keep your office supplies and things such as printers and fax machines located near the department and employees who will use them the most. This cuts down on travel time and you want your workspace to promote efficiency and productivity.

Some extra things we suggest are giving your employees things to look at and appreciate. This can mean things such as big windows being open and highly visible that have a view. You can also put artwork on the walls. Putting art up in the office has improved productivity up to 15% in certain tests. It will reduce the amount of time your employees spend fraternising and wasting time and resources.

Our last suggestion is to create a collaboration area that is both friendly and comfortable. Include such things as comfortable couches, natural elements like plants and flowers and hang artwork on the walls. Use this area for a place for employees to relax and to get work done away from their office. You can use this area for brainstorming sessions or just a place to create new ideas.

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5 Best Ways to Keep a Clean Office

Tips to Maintaining a Pristine Workspace

When you work at home or at an office you will spend a lot of time at your desk. You will touch a lot of different things including your phone, computer, pens and pencils, and other things. When you touch something in your office you create the opportunity to transfer germs from your hands onto the surfaces of the objects you touch, or you can pickup germs from the things you touch and use. Either way, an office can be a dirty place and you can come into contact with germs and viruses that can eventually make you ill. Within this specialised article, we will share with you some strategies on how to keep your workplace clean so you don’t become sick. The fact of the matter is, is that you will become ill if you do not keep your workplace clean.

Common Bacteria Lurking in Your Office. Image credit: Dreamstime

This goes beyond organising your paperwork and de-cluttering your desk. You actually need to clean as thoroughly as possible to create a clean area that won’t cause you to get stricken by an illness. We have provided advice below that you can follow to create a safe working area.

Spend 15 minutes of every day cleaning your work area. Clean up paper, organise and de-clutter your desk. Make sure you do this daily so that it becomes a habit. The more you do it the more natural it will feel and you will end up doing it without even thinking about it.

Do not eat food at your work desk. You can contaminate your entire work area when you eat at your desk with falling crumbs and other variables landing on your work and computer.

We suggest that you thoroughly clean your desk once a week. We suggest you use a spray cleaner and apply it to a cloth and wipe down your computer, phone, keyboard, speakers, pencils, lamp, stapler, and anything else you touch daily. Do this every week and you will lower the chances of contamination with germs or infections by a large percentage.

Eating at Your Desk is a Recipe for Spreading Bacteria. Image credit: Entrepreneur

Clean out your trash bib. Most people simply throw their garbage away and don’t put any thought into cleaning the basket itself. Your trash bin can become contaminated with germs and viruses which is why we recommend you wipe it down once a week with a cloth and cleaning agent. It is a part of your working environment and you do not want to let it become a breeding ground for germs.

Clean your floor once a week. If you have a carpeted office floor be sure to vacuum it often as germs and other nasty things can embed themselves in the fabric. If you have a hard floor be sure to sweep it and mop it once a week to help prevent contamination.

When you have a professionally cleaned working environment you will be more motivated to be productive. When you have a healthy office and don’t risk getting ill you will have a more pleasing work experience. Don’t let your working environment become dirty and contaminated. A cluttered and dirty workplace will effect your productivity and over all experience in your workplace. When you have a clean area to work in you will be more content with your duties.

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How to Select a Suitable Family Law Solicitor

Find the Right Divorce Lawyer First Time

If you are in the middle of a relationship that is falling apart, the most apparent thing in your mind must be your emotions. Even during the upsetting time of relationship breakdowns you need to make decisions that affect financial settlements, childcare and even just the ongoing relationship of two people as parents. If you are merely going through a temporary period of separation, or something more complex such as a divorce or dissolution, or even a breakdown of cohabitation, the correct legal advice and pragmatic information as to what your legal rights and responsibilities consist of is absolutely integral to know and take advantage of.

A lot of people do not know where to go when it comes to getting the correct amount of advice from the right sources. Many people will automatically turn to the internet and search for answers. The next option is typically by getting advice from relatives and friends. The media newspaper court cases and online trials cause fear and confusion and make some people completely avoid taking the end of their relationship through the legal route for the utmost best results possible. Like we just stated the best route you can take when getting advice is by talking to an experienced family law attorney about the unique circumstances that are involved with your particular case and all that it entails.

Separation & Marital Breakdown is Extremely Stressful. Image credit: Marriage.com

Below we have listed some things to look into when it comes to finding a family law attorney to help you during a time of relationship breakdown. Use these tips below to find the best possible lawyer in your area:

The First Consultation

Find out their track record of wins and losses and what they have done in terms of compensation for their clients. Be sure to interview your prospective lawyers well so you have the best chances of being represented in court. Secondly, find out if your lawyer will meet you outside of his or her office space or after business hours. Thirdly, find out if there are any fees incurred during your first visit and consultation with a lawyer.

Past Cases

You want to find a lawyer that has years upon years of experience with dealing with cases that are similar to yours. During your first appointment if you are interviewed by a junior member of staff ask instead to speak directly to an attorney. Junior members of staff can sometimes make mistakes that can ultimately make an impact on the effectiveness of representing your case.


If your solicitor is away from the office, it is best if they have a team of lawyers that work with them that can help you. You will want a team of solicitors available to you if necessary that have the same high qualifications in family law that your lawyer has. If your lawyer is gone for a week and you have questions, it is best if one of his or her colleagues can assist you with your case.

Find out if the lawyer you are considering is accredited in family law through any independent law bodies in your area. You can find out his or her track record and statements from previous clients. You can find out if you are hiring a good lawyer or not.

Statistically Less People are Getting Married Today Than Ever. Image credit: Business Insider

Communicating with your Lawyer

Your lawyer should be accessible to you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. You may need questions answered or someone to talk to. Find a lawyer that allows after-hours consulting as part of their services.

Court Costs

The fee and costs associated with representing you in a trial situation must be agreed upon between you and your local family law solicitor. You will pay for the expertise and time of your lawyer as well as the fees associated with representing you in court. Be sure that you and the attorney sign a contract and agree on a final fee for all expenses and representation before the case begins.


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Why on-page optimisation is a must-do for successful SEO

How to lay the foundations and achieve killer rankings

When it comes to answering the question of why is on-page optimisation important for SEO, we have detailed information that will benefit you and make your web pages rank higher naturally when you take our advice on on-page optimisation and the results that come with it. Read below to find out the details and to gain tips that will help your website and it’s pages rank better organically through the top three search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What is on-page SEO you may be wondering? It means the direct techniques used throughout the HTML source code and content of your web page to purposely rank higher using search engine optimisation strategies. When you utilise on page SEO techniques you are ensuring that the search engines will understand your site using a unique code that does not abuse Google’s Webmaster Guidelines or it’s search algorithm that ranks search results.

Get to know Google’s Webmaster Tools, now known as Search Console to get ahead on organic search.

When you use on-page search engine optimisation, it is a good idea to include the most important ranking techniques search engines use to rank web pages. This literally means that your on-page optimisation will put you in a good position in the search engine results or it won’t if you do nothing about it. Seeing your competition ranking in good positions for keywords you are trying to rank for is irritating. But on-page optimisation requires 12 separate methods for every single one of your website’s pages to organically improve its position and the type of visitors it pulls in.

You want to find the best keywords and key phrases that you want your website to rank in the search engines with. You want to choose keywords that are the most profitable for your business and bring in quality visitors. You really want to try and identify keywords and key phrases that have less competition across the big three search engines. A great method we recommend is using a free keyword research tool. All you have to do is paste, “free keyword research tool” into Google and you will have a variety of options.

SERP’s FREE Keyword Tool is an awesome resource for finding relevant keyword opportunities

After you have chosen keywords that you want to your entire website to embrace with on-page optimisation, the next thing you need to do is to create quality content around these keywords and key phrases. You will want to create engaging content with your keywords and key phrases sprinkled through the pages. The highest importance to Google for ranking is visitor engagement which means creating content that your viewers will appreciate and spend time using. You need to keep your audience in mind and keep your website engaging while at the same time using keywords and key phrases that will naturally help it organically rank in the top three search engines online.

An easily accessible website that is search engine friendly filled with original content is what the big three search engines look for when ranking websites. If you do not have the correct techniques of on-page optimisation no amount of link building or social sharing will not be able to help you rank higher in the search engines. If your website does not have its on-page optimisation in place you will be wasting money on off site optimisation and will not get the results in the big three search engines that you were originally hoping for.

One of the simplest methods for search engine on-page optimisation is by using the meta description and meta keyword tags. The meta description tag is used for a small description of that particular page’s content. This, in turn, will be used by the search engines to help determine your ranking. Meta keyword tags are used to list keywords related to the content of your web page and your site as a whole. Another method is to use your keyword within the <title> tags of your website.

One of the greatest methods for naturally ranking better is having a defined percentage of keywords and key-phrases for every 100 words of your website. Typically it is believed that 1.5%-2.9% keyword ratio shows the big three search engines what your website is about and will help you over all with getting a natural better ranking. Another method is by using the <h1> tag on your website with your chosen keyword used within the tags. This is another method that is known to work when trying to build a higher organic ranking. This may all sound rather complicated and to an HTML novice, quite daunting. This is why it is sometimes better to consult a search engine optimisation specialist instead of doing it yourself.

Ultimately on-page SEO is of prime importance because it will bring you traffic and the specialised niche traffic and visitors your website needs. Off-page optimisation is the other half of the importance of search engine optimisation, however, it won’t have or take much effect if you do not first use the methods mentioned above to improve your over all on-page optimisation. Continue browsing our site to find out more information about search engine optimisation and how we can help you with what you are searching for.

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