Sunday, January 17

5 Questions To Ask An Exhibition Stand Builder Before You Hire Them

As you already know the marketing impact and engagement you can encourage through trade shows is quite extensive and is a proven advertising strategy. It has been calculated that over 80% of trade show attendees have purchasing power and having the best-built exhibition stand that is expertly designed is crucial to the success of your exhibit. If you have an exhibit that does not perform well you will be left with a large invoice and inferior booth. When you have a good booth you can create partnerships that will help you with gaining greater exposure. In the following article are listed 5 key questions you should be asking any exhibition stand and display builders before you decide who you are going to use to create your booth or stand. Be sure to use this list of questions to find a reputable company that can cater to your needs and offers you a quality booth or stands.

Why should I choose your company to build my exhibition stand or booth?

This is the first and probably one of the most important questions that may be on your mind. However, many different providers will offer you different answers. You will find out who gives you confidence and will have a list of points for or against a provider after you have interviewed them. You will have to determine if a designer or builder is able to do the job based on their previous experience, customer recommendations and pictures and reviews of booths and stands they have already produced. Being able to determine the value of an exhibition booth provider should be strongly based on the results of their past work and their portfolio. When a company has a lot of experience and they are good at what they do you will be able to tell. When a company is trying to bluff or mislead you and present you with the unreliable information you will be able to notice that they are not a worthy company to employ.

What kind of guarantees do you have for quality?

Choosing a company to build an exhibition stand or booth can be a costly investment and you will need to know whether or not you can expect to receive value for the money you put into it. Great booth design companies will always stand behind the quality of their workmanship so be sure you get an exhibition stand builders to tell you exactly what they will do if you are not pleased with the end result of their work. Ask about any guarantees they have or what they will do if you are unsatisfied with what they put together for your organization or company.

What kind of building does your company do?

You will want to ask this question to find out the total capability of the company you are choosing to build your exhibition booth or stand. Every company has different methods on how they put together the building work. You will want to find out if they are a basic assembler or if they are capable of building more unique and complex booths. You will also want to ask them if they are capable of handling the complexity of your design. You will also want to know if the builder company you choose will simply outsource all of the work or if they can do it in-house for you. Knowing these details are fundamental and should be considered when finding the best company that will take care of your needs.

How accurate is the fit and finish of your exhibits?

Having a major lapse in quality between a well-built booth and a bad booth can make a huge strain on your organization and the impact of your booth at a trade show. Some displays can be pieces of artwork with extreme beauty and precise lines and functionality. Other booths can end up being finished looking broken and missing key pieces that only end up creating a damaging effect on the company and brand the booth was designed to make an impact and statement for.

Is the building done in-house or is it outsourced?

Knowing how your booth is being built and by whom is incredibly important. When you choose an exhibition stand contractor that does its work in-house you will have more control over the different parts being built and it could even be more cost-effective. Choosing an outsourced company may raise costs and decrease the flexibility you have in the building.

Exhibition booths are an excellent investment and asking these questions to a booth builder are essential for finding a great company.