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5 Best Ways to Keep a Clean Office

Tips to Maintaining a Pristine Workspace

When you work at home or at an office you will spend a lot of time at your desk. You will touch a lot of different things including your phone, computer, pens and pencils, and other things. When you touch something in your office you create the opportunity to transfer germs from your hands onto the surfaces of the objects you touch, or you can pickup germs from the things you touch and use. Either way, an office can be a dirty place and you can come into contact with germs and viruses that can eventually make you ill. Within this specialised article, we will share with you some strategies on how to keep your workplace clean so you don’t become sick. The fact of the matter is, is that you will become ill if you do not keep your workplace clean.

Common Bacteria Lurking in Your Office. Image credit: Dreamstime

This goes beyond organising your paperwork and de-cluttering your desk. You actually need to clean as thoroughly as possible to create a clean area that won’t cause you to get stricken by an illness. We have provided advice below that you can follow to create a safe working area.

Spend 15 minutes of every day cleaning your work area. Clean up paper, organise and de-clutter your desk. Make sure you do this daily so that it becomes a habit. The more you do it the more natural it will feel and you will end up doing it without even thinking about it.

Do not eat food at your work desk. You can contaminate your entire work area when you eat at your desk with falling crumbs and other variables landing on your work and computer.

We suggest that you thoroughly clean your desk once a week. We suggest you use a spray cleaner and apply it to a cloth and wipe down your computer, phone, keyboard, speakers, pencils, lamp, stapler, and anything else you touch daily. Do this every week and you will lower the chances of contamination with germs or infections by a large percentage.

Eating at Your Desk is a Recipe for Spreading Bacteria. Image credit: Entrepreneur

Clean out your trash bib. Most people simply throw their garbage away and don’t put any thought into cleaning the basket itself. Your trash bin can become contaminated with germs and viruses which is why we recommend you wipe it down once a week with a cloth and cleaning agent. It is a part of your working environment and you do not want to let it become a breeding ground for germs.

Clean your floor once a week. If you have a carpeted office floor be sure to vacuum it often as germs and other nasty things can embed themselves in the fabric. If you have a hard floor be sure to sweep it and mop it once a week to help prevent contamination.

When you have a professionally cleaned working environment you will be more motivated to be productive. When you have a healthy office and don’t risk getting ill you will have a more pleasing work experience. Don’t let your working environment become dirty and contaminated. A cluttered and dirty workplace will effect your productivity and over all experience in your workplace. When you have a clean area to work in you will be more content with your duties.

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